Customer Service

Our committment is to provide consistent and reliable customer service for all our customers. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high levels of satisfaction from the first call. We aim to be as flexible as possible as we are aware each customers’ needs are different.

The professionalism of our top trained team allow us to deliver customer service that is fast, friendly, firm, and fair.

    • Fast, because we understand your needs and we want to serve you promptly.
    • Friendly, because we are dedicated and attentive when we serve you.
  • Firm, because we uphold our laws and are open and transparent in enforcing them.
  • Fair, because we serve with equity, honesty, and impartiality

We verify that our service meets customer expectations by monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction through a standard survey which is conducted on every product we deliver.  The results are used to continually drive changes and improvements in our business and our standards of service.

In 2011 our average customer satisfaction score was 74/100.  In 2012 our average customer satisfaction score was 86/100.  In 2013, our target is to further enhance our customer satisfaction process in order to maximise the benefits of our findings for our customers advantage.  We have launched a new customer satisfaction process and are working with an external company to independently obtain and verify customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to achieve an average customer satisfaction score of 92/100 for 2013 and 96/100 for 2014.

If we fail to provide high level of customer service, we want to hear from you. For complains about our customer service, please contact our Quality Service Manager at: 1-855-760-8957 (toll-free) or contact us via our contact form here