American Health Supply is defined by strong standards of conduct and ethics in commitment, confidentiality, and patient relationship. Our company is committed to performance improvement and maintaining integrity. We empower staff accountability and understand our moral obligation to all we serve on a daily basis: clients, employees, vendors, members of the healthcare team, regulators, physicians, organizations, and the public.

JCAHO-Gold Seal
Staff, Product, and Risk Reduction Standards

In 2012, American Health Supply was accredited with the JCAHO-Gold seal from The Joint Commission Home Care Accreditation Program which covers areas considered key to providing safe, high quality care to patients and/or clients from product management to leadership, staffing, quality, and fall risk reduction. We meet national industry guidelines to match market benchmarks for reducing pain. Learn more about our Home Care Accreditation here

Customer Trust and Confidence
Use of Health Information Fundamentals

Our company maintains high levels of competency to seek the trust and confidence of all customers. We follow the standards set by the industry to protect the right of privacy of all individuals and rely on physicians’ expertise, healthcare providers, researchers, and public agencies to inform our employees and our clients of proper medical guidelines and how to obtain information about current regulations.

Responsible Leadership
Consistent Organizational Policies

Our leadership promotes an business environment where honesty, integrity, and accountability, respecting all laws are our priority. We refuse to participate in or conceal any unethical, false, fraudulent, or deceptive activities. American Health Supply’s primary commitment is to the health, well-being, and safety of patients. Our leadership team ensures staff involvement in all quality efforts and mentors them in the principles behind this commitment.

Quality and Operational Performance
Transforming Healing Experience

American Health Supply promotes meaningful and proactive efforts to achieve continuous improvement of the organizational processes. We ensure our personnel have the appropriate and necessary skills, a structured training and interactive tools to evaluate results and re-direct processes to improve customer satisfaction with a sense of balance and compassion to all for whom we care: our clients.